Connecting Past Memory and Future Innovation
Apacer Introduces AH25A/AH23A USB Flash Drives for Easy Sliding and Gripping( Jun 25,2018 )

Apacer is proud to announce the latest additions of flash drives, the AH23A USB 2.0 and AH25A USB 3.1 Gen 1.Taking inspirations from Hyperloop, the new generation high-speed train, these flash drives are ergonomically shaped for a smooth grip, along with other thoughtful details, such as a cap-less slide design, streamlined silhouette, and a built-in strap hole. Offering a maximum capacity of 64GB, AH25A, available in a classic black-red combination, is equipped with USB 3.1 Gen 1 interface, which can transfer up to 5Gb/s. AH23A, a USB 2.0, is delightfully designed with sky blue and pure white combinations, bringing a comfortable and pleasant user experience.


Streamlined and Modern Design Inspired by Hyperloop

Apacer design team believes that innovation comes from everyday life. Inspired by Hyperloop, the high-speed tube train of new generation, Apacer designs the AH23A and AH25A USB flash drives with sense of modernity. These streamlined models are characterized by the smooth silhouette similar to the suspended cabin that will race inside a vacuum tube. To plug or remove the USB connector, simply slide the push key, which imitates the movements of going in/out of a station. “USB flash drive is a medium that carries memories and creativity,” Apacer design team expressed: “AH23A and AH25A just like the shuttle trains that connect the future with the past, and we hope we can bring the perceptual experience to our users.”


Retractable Design X Comfortable Grip

AH23A and AH25A are executed with thoughtful designs in appearances and user-friendly experiences. The cap-less and retractable design allows pushing and pulling with one hand, the concave arc surface makes gripping more comfortable, while the strap hole located at one end allows attachment to personal items. Apacer is constantly seeking breakthroughs, hoping to bring convenience to every consumer.


High-speed Interface for Ultimate Efficiency

AH23A and AH25A are both available in four memory capacities: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB, which, at maximum, stores up to 16,800 images of 8MP size, or 15 hours of Full-HD video. AH25A, equipped with USB 3.1 Gen 1, is designed with a classic black-red combination for a powerful visual impact. The interface grants high speed transmission that can operate at up to 5Gb/s. AH23A, adopting USB 2.0 interface with excellent compatibility, comes with sky blue and pure white design to exhibit an innovative appearance. Want to experience the unprecedented high-speed transmission? Let’s start from AH23A and AH25A!