Your Data Security Guard
Introducing an Upgraded Fingerprint Flash Drive - Apacer AH651: Protect Your Data via Password and Fingerprint Recognition, with Customizable Partition Storage Size( Mar 29,2019 )

Personal data security remains a major focus throughout the world, and with the toughest online privacy rule introduced, the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR), internet companies are obliged to protect users’ personal information. For guarding of personal data, let Apacer be the one in charge of safekeeping: Apacer introduces the second generation fingerprint flash drive, AH651, equipped with dual unlocking options: fingerprint recognition and password. For best protection, the storage is divided into two partitions: the secure partition can only be unlocked with fingerprint recognition or password, while the public partition can be conveniently used and accessed. With AH651, users have the full control and management of their data security.


Advanced Fingerprint Recognition Offering Most Robust Personal Data Guarding

Users may store their personal or sensitive business data with USB flash drives, but when accidentally lost, stolen, or lent out to others, the consequences can be disastrous. Apacer AH651 adopts the latest capacitive sensing fingerprint recognition technology, keeping the secure partition always protected unless accessed by authorized fingerprint owner. In cases where the recognition chip is damaged by force, the data stored in the partition will become inaccessible. Moreover, the sensing area allows 360° all-angle reading. Users may choose to finger-press from any direction when unlocking and will always enjoy quick, precise recognition. For business users, AH651 is definitely a smart, compact solution to data safekeeping.


Password Login Function Strengthens Management Mechanism

To achieve a comprehensive safety mechanism, password login function is equipped as an option. Users may choose the appropriate access method based on situation. For example, whenever the fingers are dirty and fingerprint becomes hard to read, you can opt to go with password for unlocking. With the exclusive management software designed by Apacer, the main administrator can register and manage ten sets of fingerprint data, including two for administrators and eight for users. With this mechanism, the access of each individual can be clearly divided for better control.


Dual Storage Partition, Enhance Your Data Security

Within Apacer AH651, the memory space is divided into 2 partitions, public and secure. Users may keep less sensitive data in the public partition and operate like any regular USB flash drive, just plugging and using for quick file access. On the other hand, the secure partition is protected by fingerprint recognition or password with encrypted safety, and hence sensitive files are less likely to be sent out by accident or become stolen. Besides, the administrators could also allocate different memory storage size to each partition and have a complete control of safety and usage.


Durable Casing with Large Capacity

The finely casted exterior of AH651 is built with high-strength zinc alloy for sturdy protection of the core. The unit complements a user’s professional status with a smooth silhouette and techy colors of black and silver. AH651 features USB 3.1 Gen 1 high speed transmission; even large multimedia files can be transferred swiftly at as high as 130MB/s. Available in 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB, AH651 is a professional USB flash drive that promises the best of safety and convenience.