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AS2280P4U Pro M.2 PCIe Gen3 x4 SSD

Multi-task in the Blink of an Eye

The AS2280P4U Pro adopts PCIe Gen3 x4 interface, conformed to NVMe 1.3 standard. Its excellent read-write speeds are up to 3,500/3,000 MB/s, allowing users to quickly switch from one program to another, never holding them back in their quest for gaming excellence. 

Game, Install, Shoot and Edit at a Pro Level

The compact M.2 2280 (22mm x 80mm) frame of AS2280P4U Pro can accommodate a large storage space of up to 2TB. And an ultra-thin design enhances the SSD’s flexibility, making it ideal for ultra-thin laptops, gaming consoles and mini PC builds. Its extraordinary performance will make it a preferred SSD for professionals such as custom installers, e-sports players, overclockers, and videographers.

Keep Things Cool with an Aluminum Heat Sink

The AS2280P4U Pro is equipped with an integrated heat sink made from a single sheet of aluminum, which uses the advantages of high thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance to reduce temperatures by up to 25%. This helps reduce wear and tear on the SSD while also maintaining rock-solid performance.

Data Protection Technology Delivers Consistent Performance

To provide users with a flawless high-speed experience, the AS2280P4U Pro have a number of built-in protection technologies to effectively ensure the accuracy and stability of data transmission. SLC Caching uses an advanced layered cache structure to improve the speed performance of the product. With the built-in advanced wear leveling technology and automatic error correction functions, it can not only extend the service life of the SSD and improve operational stability, but also ensure that the product maintains consistent performance after long-term use.

5-year Warranty Gives Peace of Mind

The AS2280P4U Pro SSD comes with a five-year global warranty, allowing users to enjoy the thrill of speed without any worries!


NAND Flash
Sequential Read Performance
Sequential Write Performance
IOPs (4K Random Write)
Standard Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
AS2280P4U Pro M.2 PCIe Gen3 x4 SSD
256GB / 512GB / 1TB / 2TB
PCIe Gen3 x4
Up to 3,500 MB/s
Up to 3,000 MB/s

*The performance may vary due to host hardware, software , usage and storage capacity.
Up to 360,000 IOPS
1,800,000 hours
0°C ~ +70°C
-40 ~ +85°C
Single side : (L)80.00 x (W)22.00 x (H)3.75mm
Double side : (L)80.00 x (W)22.00 x (H)5.0mm
5 Years
*The SSD is based on the TBW or Warranty period.
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