“Be Your Best” Introducing the Apacer x Ning’s AH13G and AH13H Cute Little Blue 3D Figurine Flash Drives!( May 31,2019 )

Apacer launches two cute limited-edition flash drives embedded in cute Little Blue 3D Figurines– “Hope” and “Courage” that can be placed on the edges of monitors, shelves, etc. to sit by you while radiating their kind smile and positive energy. The unique style with the heart-healing function will definitely be favored by everyone!


Hope, Keeping You Going with a Smile

This cute Little Blue sitting on top of a plump heart will cheer you up any time. The heart contains the flash drive that stores your important files and wonderful memories. Little Blue can sit on the edge of your desk or computer screen to remind you: “Never forget: Hope is right in front of you!”

/Image: Apacer X Ning’s 3D Figurine Flash Drive – “Hope” (16GB)


Courage, Breaking Through the Cocoon

“Unleash the courage deep within your heart!” Hesitation and fear are merely momentary mental barriers. Bring out your most desired strength, say goodbye to the self who always says “No” and awaken the other brave self! Little Blue in a dinosaur costume appears to have the courage to go ahead, encouraging the uncertain self. Bring this flash drive with two figurine designs along with you when you need courage!

/Image: Apacer X Ning’s 3D Figurine Flash Drive – Courage (32GB)