Delivering Extreme Performance Upgrades

DDR5-4800 Desktop Memory Module

Blazing-fast 4800MHz Frequency

Apacer's DDR5-4800 modules are compliant with the JEDEC standard. Their operating frequency of 4,800MHz is a 50% increase in bandwidth compared to the standard DDR4 upper frequency limit of 3,200MHz.

1.1V Operating Voltage for Greater Efficiency

The power consumption of DDR5 modules has been reduced from 1.2V to 1.1V, making them 8% more efficient than DDR4 modules. Apacer uses JEDEC-certified power management ICs, which deliver a more stable power supply and minimize the noise in the circuit.

Doubled Capacity, Smoother Multitasking

DDR5 modules provide twice the capacity of DDR4 by packing in more banks and bank groups. Single modules can reach 128GB capacity to support high capacity demand and create a better experience during multitasking.

Supports On-die ECC for Greater Stability

DDR5-4800 modules support on-die error correction, keeping the system stable by automatically correcting data errors.

Extreme Performance Surpasses DDR4

The performance, capacity, stability and power efficiency of DDR5 are all taken to the next level, greatly improving the performance and stability of a computer.


Frequency/Capacity/Voltage/Cas Latency
Module Height
DDR5 Desktop Memory Module
4800MHz/8GB, 16GB, 32GB/1.1V/CL40
31.25mm/ 1.23 inch

Ordering Information

P/N Packing P/N Capacity IC Configuration Description Frequency CL Voltage
AU16GHB48CTBBGH FL.16G2A.PTH 16GB 2048*8 DDR5 DIMM 4800-40 2048x8 16GB RP 4800 40 1.1V